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SO SCHOOL IS HERE. / happy national day!

(not in chronological order)
- Moved into hall and just bought an owl rug that both my roomie and I found too cute to resist; but The Weird Smell still persists in room and I’ve yet to finish deco! (messy messy oh no)
- YOG feature finally coming out tmr!
- Caught up with some of those flying off over good food and cafes; lost my touch for artistic photos (maybe my standards have improved)
- Going crazy trying to figure out module bidding; spoilt for choice / acutely aware these decisions could determine my future and not just my grades
- HALL CAMP (all seven days of it); no regrets Cyrus owns your assssssss
- Missed Weeride sigh )’: will get my cycling fix somehow!
- But finally met Momiji, while figuring out the NTU bus loop
- Watched 3 (ok, 2.5, fell asleep during Saw) horror movies in the span of 48 hours with my OG
- Dad bought groceries back from Australia whooohoooooo.

Still many more things to settle, many more people to meet, and more people to send off (final goodbye) - and then, it’ll really be just me and Pulau NTU. But school starts in two days AHHHHHHHHHH

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7-1 direction

If anyone gets the post title, WHOO GERMANY and yes to funny memes. Sorry to Brazil tho, I was hoping those two would meet in the final before groupings and match draws ruled that out.

quick post at 2am just cuz I can - gonna miss moments like these when school reopens.

Body clock has been driven haywire by the WORLD CUPPPPP, altho I must confess I haven’t been following as religiously as I should have, even tho the lack of cable was of no consequence for arg-ned. I basically woke up, my half-asleep (and very sleep-oriented) mind decided it might go to penalties and went back to sleep before waking up at wkwscifoc timing to my poor holland-supporter friend’s whatsapp, which I regret to say, I didn’t reply until I properly woke up at lunchtime.

Yes guys that was an incredibly chim way to phrase the fact that I’m now a pig and enjoying the life of the unemployed after waiting for this day to come for five months HAHAHA.

Mixed feelings and self-esteem issues can wait cuz it’s catch-up time everywhere before the people I’m so familiar with fly off to a vastly different time zone.

Also, yesterday @ Azzura- I’ve missed performing, but I think I’ve a long way to go before I can hold my own onstage without my section/ensemble to hold me up, and hopefully i’ll learn.

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and cook and basically

/just wonder when will my life begin

Been attempting to play this on the guitar all for you Mel Mel aren’t you touched (I have a feeling her pet is more likely to see this than she is). Thought the movie was cheesy but I fell in love with drawing disney movie stills on the plane (and then May reminded me that Pixar is owned by Disney and therefore is included in what I can draw).

First Saturday in Singapore where I don’t have to work, and all my plans have gone haywire and might actually result in me going back to work but it’s OK; Seehian’s pointed out the merits of me-time and maybe I can figure out what I wanna share tmr.

Also, finally get time to explore domestication (read: cooking and baking not for instagram) HAHAHA. But then it’s wkw camp next week and then all too soon I’ll be moving one foot into malaysia (thanks Cass).

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for I am yours and you are mine

Praying for you Nick )’:

Anyway, time to say goodbye tomorrow to a favourite place. Won’t have a contract or bond keeping me there, but I think I have no regrets trading up that dream/4-year-old ambition for another one that I’m yet unsure of, but will do my best to do well in (so I find my way back, and back for good).

Feels so surreal that Phuket with the family is just a few days (and a few unfinished articles) away; but I guess it reminds me how fast life takes you; out of a job and into a vacation and then back into school. Hope it slows down enough for me to go back and bring the muffins I didn’t have the time today to bake; to really go back, not as a shy uni-awaiter, to keep in touch with the colleagues who have looked out for me this year and moulded who I am as a journalist (intern); and to see my desk siblings take up their places (k chim words over I WANNA SEE YALL PERFORM ROFL) in the newsroom.

Today, though, I learnt that an hour can be so crucial when making your way between two ends of the red line (dhoby and chomp chomp). Sorry to the two groups of people I was late for today, but thank you for making my last off day one of the most serene and familiar ones in a while. 

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deserves a post of its own although I tumblr really sparingly.

Great day today; with PTP - as a tutor, I’m learning each week to think before I explain, to think twice, to be my own harshest critique and to put myself in the mindsets of another at KFC (the porridge is really good; haven’t had am meals since A levels) - and catching up, tearing up with laughter more like, with the pri sch BFF at 85, and then homecoming (‘:

Was initially hesitant because much of 21 wasn’t there but it was so easy catching up with so many people. I think the conversations never ended, they just blended seamlessly into one another cuz you’re like HEY XX EH HI and all <: glad to have helped rene and Sab too with saikang in the aftn and earn my crashing hahaha.

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she said don’t you worry if i disappear

Time. flies. Way too fast!!

It’s actually two weeks til school starts- oh gosh, thought my days of saying that in panicked, immature I-haven’t-finished/started-my-homework mode were over. So much for growing up HAHAHA. 

Baking attempts the last two times have largely been on the negative side, even with classic recipes for my faultless banana nutella muffins or chocolate cake from tartelette. But I finally baked for the sports desk, tho it was awkward skipping around giving them out not knowing what to say. (According to Steven, I grew up two years at the desk and now look like the grand ol’ age of…17. Sigh.) Gotta agree with tw, though, feels good to just be back. (‘:

SYTYCD 11 is in full blast and I’m having fun following it, tho this season didn’t seem to promising at first (maybe I just haven’t gotten over Melanie and Marko from S8). Emily x Teddy ftw, hence the song title!! (no to the leopard print pants tho)

NTU medical checkup was…traumatising to say the least and I’ll spare yall the details. Thanks to Shihming for accompanying me all the way although she only had one test to fulfil and attempting to find out whether Jurong Point is really 2.4km in perimeter (missed two whole sections of the place, so not counted).

Homecoming x catching up with the primary school BFF tomorrow x PTP, looking forward! Time to get disciplined, though, with some leftover work and tutoring.

/edit: I really think I made the right choice staying local. <:

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Mekanie Gandyra



Mekanie Gandyra

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