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so i’m following the map that leads me back to you

don’t like how after years of being chill, I’m walking around looking like this. I think I’ve had better beginnings.

SCHOOL HAS STARTEDDDDDDDD hahaha star wars is ending today and I guess, I’m accepting my timetable as it is, so thankful still to have managed to switch out at the last minute (albeit to a night-time class) to keep my desired number of mods. Six - three of which are totally new ball games, and technically I haven’t done comms before so all of them are, but you get the point - means my discipline really needs to be up cuz I shouldn’t need to use an S/U option (which is pretty tempting for Thai after I saw the alphabet the other day HAHAHAH).

Also - suay max cuz everytime i do the laundry, it rains and now my clothes smell of rainwater (!!)

I realised yesterday, though, that it’s less than a month before everyone flies, so even as I’m trying out new things in uni and meeting new people in the West, I’m just hoping and praying for time and opportunities to head back to my roots and say my goodbyes!! I think half my insta is gonna be filled with wanderlust pix soon <:

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deserves a post of its own although I tumblr really sparingly.

Great day today; with PTP - as a tutor, I’m learning each week to think before I explain, to think twice, to be my own harshest critique and to put myself in the mindsets of another at KFC (the porridge is really good; haven’t had am meals since A levels) - and catching up, tearing up with laughter more like, with the pri sch BFF at 85, and then homecoming (‘:

Was initially hesitant because much of 21 wasn’t there but it was so easy catching up with so many people. I think the conversations never ended, they just blended seamlessly into one another cuz you’re like HEY XX EH HI and all <: glad to have helped rene and Sab too with saikang in the aftn and earn my crashing hahaha.

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keyboard warrior

probably slightly angsty from the fact that my nose is a water tap, my throat like castle koppies and my brain feels like fluff but I honestly don’t react very well to primary-school-like reinforcements on usage of phones during lectures. I believe that if there are theories that posit social media as a communication enhancer, there can be perfectly solid arguments in favour of mobile phones and I fully believe this technological fruit has aided my learning.

…but anyway, an hour to kill before I do my hawker centre tycoon survey (ooh, I’ve missed computer games) and then I can head back to hall and blow my nose in peace HAHA I’ve always been paiseh doing so in public cause I feel like a mini bulldozer.

Also, I realise I do miss creative writing, looking at the people taking the mod <:

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Just felt like updating but my thoughts aren’t in prose, so it’s gonna be a huge jumble (like my desk oops, but I just brought in my laundry and swept the room for the past hour so #gettingthere):

- Sent off the first few of many; take care guys!
- XV D&D, at the cost of WKW’s } are hall and faculty really mutually exclusive as the seniors say?
- (Slowly, very slowly) catching up on work and I realise ironically it’s Thai that really cranks the gears in my brain with its tones and consonants HAHAHA CS mods just turn it into a huge sponge to absorb all the info
- Finally got something on my room wall, but it’s just temporary HAHA can’t wait to get a spare hour or two without bio looming and then I can do something really nuts
- FOOD IS GOOD (waffles/gyoza w Cass and Irene; not bored of NTU canteen food yet so whoohoo; cooked pasta today w block 71!)
- Love how hall is so chill when people come to visit, esp. Dunmanians who make the journey all the way HAHAHA


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beyond measure


Back in hall after one of the best weeks I’ve had so far <: I’m determined not to oversleep for another 9am, though, so hitting the sack soon!

- Tried official cheer trng; am a bad flyer sorry )’: and I realised I’ll be missing half the trngs cuz of night classes @ south spine
- Rushed to play backup for jam band auditions, a little dazzled being surrounded by all the instruments and pro players + practising w the Cyrus singers was a crash course on spontaneous jamming; hehe shall aspire to be of that standard
- Surprised right inside the gate by my XV OG + learnt that I actually almost rammed into my cake hours earlier (‘:
- Overslept for lecture…and Momiji waited for me in the LT with a cheesecake I’m truly sorry for being a burden
- HUGE thanks to my roomie, who stayed up late w me after I got back to surprise me w yoke + opened the room door for becks and venus to interrupt my sleep and cab out to 18chefs the next day
- Crashed Pioneer hall after giving way less creds to JC than he deserved (touched la touched la) and walked back with Fel for roomie bonding (!!)
- Really got down to studying Thai, but it’s tougher than expected
- Supper hop @ sweechoon, salted caramel etc + afters with Cyrus
- Met up w the sports interns over Pepper Lunch, comfort food and the only company that would make me regret not signing
- Met my parents for the best (albeit only) Korean BBQ I’ve eaten since returning from guitar trip. Everytime I’m home for the weekend I’m never short of good food ahhhh
- Bought my (2nd hand) marketing textbook! ONZ LIAO
- Met Siow / Sab / Fena (two scholars and a medicine student, but they never rub it in my face) who LUCKILY saw my message and saved some Manhattan for me whoohoo
- Said the first of many goodbyes and see you next years (shit just got real) @ T3 Row6; but thank you Siow for bringing some of us tgt over 4fingers after you checked in.

Long, long comprehensive list (with little studying, and little church oops) - recording every inch and detail has always seemed slightly narcissistic to me, and I like my tumblr posts short and sweet, but I guess I just wanted to hold on to those moments a little longer because uni passes so fast, my memory begins to fail me >:

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SO SCHOOL IS HERE. / happy national day!

(not in chronological order)
- Moved into hall and just bought an owl rug that both my roomie and I found too cute to resist; but The Weird Smell still persists in room and I’ve yet to finish deco! (messy messy oh no)
- YOG feature finally coming out tmr!
- Caught up with some of those flying off over good food and cafes; lost my touch for artistic photos (maybe my standards have improved)
- Going crazy trying to figure out module bidding; spoilt for choice / acutely aware these decisions could determine my future and not just my grades
- HALL CAMP (all seven days of it); no regrets Cyrus owns your assssssss
- Missed Weeride sigh )’: will get my cycling fix somehow!
- But finally met Momiji, while figuring out the NTU bus loop
- Watched 3 (ok, 2.5, fell asleep during Saw) horror movies in the span of 48 hours with my OG
- Dad bought groceries back from Australia whooohoooooo.

Still many more things to settle, many more people to meet, and more people to send off (final goodbye) - and then, it’ll really be just me and Pulau NTU. But school starts in two days AHHHHHHHHHH

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