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Dunbar’s number?

It’s really hard to maintain some social relationships as you’re piling on new ones, and I feel like a total ass sometimes for not being able to find the time for quality conversation, for feeling annoyed when a convo presents itself the moment I want to chuck my phone in a corner and have some me time. /:

Recess week is here and I find myself with a grand total of one free day so I won’t set any lofty goals of accomplishing my entire bio module’s worth of re-watching lectures, but I hope I’ll be able to get some leisure reading done (found Carol Ann Duffy at $5 at some book fair at Giant, as well as Man U on the packaging of my cup noodles haha). Art halfway accomplished- my macbook case arrived and I promptly drew on it <:

Met Dunmanians at the SCS parade on Fri, and even more while sending Ad off today. Made me think about the farewells I missed, though, like Venus’s and Sab’s )’: so glad I can make it for Becks’ on Wednesday- the last one for this year, but I can already see all the local uni peeps gunning for their exchanges. I’m really surrounded by talented and driven people, and I’m honoured.

And then, it’s really hall x wkw life for good - cheer cohesion on thurs and fri, I know the fear’s all in my mind but it still scares me five weeks later.

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keyboard warrior

probably slightly angsty from the fact that my nose is a water tap, my throat like castle koppies and my brain feels like fluff but I honestly don’t react very well to primary-school-like reinforcements on usage of phones during lectures. I believe that if there are theories that posit social media as a communication enhancer, there can be perfectly solid arguments in favour of mobile phones and I fully believe this technological fruit has aided my learning.

…but anyway, an hour to kill before I do my hawker centre tycoon survey (ooh, I’ve missed computer games) and then I can head back to hall and blow my nose in peace HAHA I’ve always been paiseh doing so in public cause I feel like a mini bulldozer.

Also, I realise I do miss creative writing, looking at the people taking the mod <:

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Just felt like updating but my thoughts aren’t in prose, so it’s gonna be a huge jumble (like my desk oops, but I just brought in my laundry and swept the room for the past hour so #gettingthere):

- Sent off the first few of many; take care guys!
- XV D&D, at the cost of WKW’s } are hall and faculty really mutually exclusive as the seniors say?
- (Slowly, very slowly) catching up on work and I realise ironically it’s Thai that really cranks the gears in my brain with its tones and consonants HAHAHA CS mods just turn it into a huge sponge to absorb all the info
- Finally got something on my room wall, but it’s just temporary HAHA can’t wait to get a spare hour or two without bio looming and then I can do something really nuts
- FOOD IS GOOD (waffles/gyoza w Cass and Irene; not bored of NTU canteen food yet so whoohoo; cooked pasta today w block 71!)
- Love how hall is so chill when people come to visit, esp. Dunmanians who make the journey all the way HAHAHA


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beyond measure


Back in hall after one of the best weeks I’ve had so far <: I’m determined not to oversleep for another 9am, though, so hitting the sack soon!

- Tried official cheer trng; am a bad flyer sorry )’: and I realised I’ll be missing half the trngs cuz of night classes @ south spine
- Rushed to play backup for jam band auditions, a little dazzled being surrounded by all the instruments and pro players + practising w the Cyrus singers was a crash course on spontaneous jamming; hehe shall aspire to be of that standard
- Surprised right inside the gate by my XV OG + learnt that I actually almost rammed into my cake hours earlier (‘:
- Overslept for lecture…and Momiji waited for me in the LT with a cheesecake I’m truly sorry for being a burden
- HUGE thanks to my roomie, who stayed up late w me after I got back to surprise me w yoke + opened the room door for becks and venus to interrupt my sleep and cab out to 18chefs the next day
- Crashed Pioneer hall after giving way less creds to JC than he deserved (touched la touched la) and walked back with Fel for roomie bonding (!!)
- Really got down to studying Thai, but it’s tougher than expected
- Supper hop @ sweechoon, salted caramel etc + afters with Cyrus
- Met up w the sports interns over Pepper Lunch, comfort food and the only company that would make me regret not signing
- Met my parents for the best (albeit only) Korean BBQ I’ve eaten since returning from guitar trip. Everytime I’m home for the weekend I’m never short of good food ahhhh
- Bought my (2nd hand) marketing textbook! ONZ LIAO
- Met Siow / Sab / Fena (two scholars and a medicine student, but they never rub it in my face) who LUCKILY saw my message and saved some Manhattan for me whoohoo
- Said the first of many goodbyes and see you next years (shit just got real) @ T3 Row6; but thank you Siow for bringing some of us tgt over 4fingers after you checked in.

Long, long comprehensive list (with little studying, and little church oops) - recording every inch and detail has always seemed slightly narcissistic to me, and I like my tumblr posts short and sweet, but I guess I just wanted to hold on to those moments a little longer because uni passes so fast, my memory begins to fail me >:

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Until then,
I may find myself liking you too much,
but I will never pursue you.
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midweek midautumn midterm

first exam already?!

Guess it’s not new that I’m still in the midst of studying for it. A little scared - and how scary can true/false and MCQ questions get? Very, as CS0201 proves - because it’s unfamiliar + unknown, but fingers crossed.

Midautumn was a good break from cramming; and for the first time I didn’t feel sick this week. I’ve missed Cyrus (‘:

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